Friday, January 11, 2013

East to West Trip Stop 2: Killington Darkside

First things first: Darkside Snowboards is the best shop on the planet. We cruised down to Rutland as we were promised ten tickets to Killington and we reckoned we could have a party on hill and make the funnest edit anyone had ever seen. McGregor's parents put us up for the night (after hosting us at Little Harry's - the best restaurant on the planet) and we all slumbered in dreams of party lines, games of S.N.O.W., and on-hill debauchery. Unfortunately, we all woke up and just knew that plan wasn't happening. However, one call to the Killington Darkside had everything sorted out. All they wanted to know was when we were coming so they could have their new staircase shoveled out. That was it. We showed up with nine in the van and three in Verillo's car and barged through the doors. Billy and Tita, the OG Darkside couple and boarders, were just getting off the hill and greeted us with equal juicedness. Evan Ricker and Tyler Mills, the managers, were out setting everything up for us. They could not be any cooler or have any better of lives; these guys are seriously living your dream. Let the Hootenanny begin! We shredded the downrail on the stairs and the peace-sign tree rainbow (treebow?) until it was too dark to see. Well, that's not true, because they have lights on the park and it was plenty well lit-up. We were just too tired; four hours of hiking added on to the previous three days of spots, some dwindling towards four and five in the morning, had taken it's toll. Plus, we were still in Vermont. And we were staring at a twenty four hour leg to Minnesota. Time to bounce. Jasper had snapped his deck (a Rome Mod busted on a twelve foot down bar should give you some hint as to how raw Jasper rips) and Ricker didn't drop a beat: He had another Rome deck ready to shell out. They made the trade and we bolted. It's truly unreal how on it Darkside Snowboards is. The biggest thanks goes to everyone making that shop run. Can't wait to see you guys again! Until then, Stay Strange. -Keeeeeeeks

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