Sunday, January 27, 2013

In the Classroom

a fun edit by Brett Wulc of couple of Strange Brew homies gettin down and havin fun at boreal. A lesson in staying strange . . . having fun

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

East to West Trip Stop 3: Minnesota

Twenty five hours of hazy and cramped van life passed between the Green Mountains and Minnesota. Some slept while others chose to keep their eyes tuned in on the road. Packs of smokes vanished, playlists exhausted themselves, and the white and yellow lines dotted the passed mileage, tracing our way to the flats of Minnetonka and, specifically, the Murder Haven. Tommy's parents helped soothe our sanity with vegetables, cold beers, a hot tub, and highly amiable sleeping arrangements (a.k.a. another bitchin' basement). They woke us up with hot coffee and bottomless plates of bacon, quiche, scones, cereal and granola. We considered this a fine break from gas station delicacies and Denny's decrepit shit dishes. With full bellies and blue skies, we hit the road to Mont du Lac and met up with some more Strangers and some new Strangers. Du Lac is home to the fastest rope tow in the Midwest, clocking in at nearly thirty miles an hour, so, with the majority of our crew being guppies to the rope tow scene, we were in for a treat. Arm's were nearly ripped off, hands callused, quad's burnt up, and Robbie almost cut his head off AND almost cut our head's off; the place is the most exciting and enticing resort ever. Seriously, it's a playground for snowboarding. We hot lapped well past dark and then made our way to Duluth to stay with Jake Braseth in the royal Castle Danger. If du Lac is the snowboarder's playground, Castle Danger is the late-teen/early-twenty's playground. We crashed there for what seemed like weeks, with the electronic drum kit constantly pounding over delirious freestyles, footage being scoured over and over again, the tattoo gun purring from the next room, and the Fantastic Mr. Fox looping infinitely. We mobbed spots with a fleet of fifteen kids, got shots, found parties with bad bitches and lax bro's, smashed glass, dropped fireworks, wrecked home appliances, demolished morals, and somehow survived. This video is proof. Minnesota was a trip all in itself. We made new friends, fans, groupies, and enemies. We got shots and we got broke off. We retrieved our minds and then lost them again. We bared the cold and then had to leave when it got warm and then cold again and everything was bulletproof. Seriously. The whole state of Minnesota became a flat block of ice. Two busted knees, a broken collarbone, a split shin, and fifteen bruised beings; we packed up and continued Westward to the Rockies. 'Til then, Stay Strange. -Keeeeeks

Friday, January 11, 2013

East to West Trip Stop 2: Killington Darkside

First things first: Darkside Snowboards is the best shop on the planet. We cruised down to Rutland as we were promised ten tickets to Killington and we reckoned we could have a party on hill and make the funnest edit anyone had ever seen. McGregor's parents put us up for the night (after hosting us at Little Harry's - the best restaurant on the planet) and we all slumbered in dreams of party lines, games of S.N.O.W., and on-hill debauchery. Unfortunately, we all woke up and just knew that plan wasn't happening. However, one call to the Killington Darkside had everything sorted out. All they wanted to know was when we were coming so they could have their new staircase shoveled out. That was it. We showed up with nine in the van and three in Verillo's car and barged through the doors. Billy and Tita, the OG Darkside couple and boarders, were just getting off the hill and greeted us with equal juicedness. Evan Ricker and Tyler Mills, the managers, were out setting everything up for us. They could not be any cooler or have any better of lives; these guys are seriously living your dream. Let the Hootenanny begin! We shredded the downrail on the stairs and the peace-sign tree rainbow (treebow?) until it was too dark to see. Well, that's not true, because they have lights on the park and it was plenty well lit-up. We were just too tired; four hours of hiking added on to the previous three days of spots, some dwindling towards four and five in the morning, had taken it's toll. Plus, we were still in Vermont. And we were staring at a twenty four hour leg to Minnesota. Time to bounce. Jasper had snapped his deck (a Rome Mod busted on a twelve foot down bar should give you some hint as to how raw Jasper rips) and Ricker didn't drop a beat: He had another Rome deck ready to shell out. They made the trade and we bolted. It's truly unreal how on it Darkside Snowboards is. The biggest thanks goes to everyone making that shop run. Can't wait to see you guys again! Until then, Stay Strange. -Keeeeeeeks

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ricky Koukal: Strange Laps

Ricky Koukal is a kook from Minnesota always in the dugout out on the lift, either you know or you don't know. . . but needless to say the kid has smooth style and creative mind peep some laps of our homie, your stranger, ricky.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

East to West Trip: Sugarloaf Maine

First stop of the east to west tour was a trip. Having all the homies at Sugarloaf Maine of all places was wild. . . there were so many two plankers, but we showed Ian J. Daly and Jasper Tripp's home mountain what was real. Enjoy this first east to west edit and expect another comin from VT soon meanwhile Stay Strange . . .